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K FILTER INDUSTRIES (K Filter found in 1997 which means Knowledge) is a complete Air, Oil and Water Treatment Solutions Provider for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Founded in 1997, with more than 22 years’ experience in the field of filtration and purification. We have multiple well-established partners worldwide and clients in over 11 countries using our services to provide innovative and efficient air purification and pure water solutions and oil purification. Our engineering design emphasizes low life cycle cost with high quality standards and responsive service support. Many years of hands-on experience enable us to provide innovative and cost effective purified water solutions. We pride ourselves on providing clients with the lowest life cycle costs, the highest quality and the most responsive service in the water treatment, Air and oil filtration industry. We have products, technology, experience and knowledge to support your needs. K FITLER is one of the major manufacturers of Air, Oil and Liquid filter, water filters for the Construction, Industrial, Automotive, and Healthcare and Agricultural equipment’s, produced in its own factories in India, Qatar with raw-materials outsourced from U.S.A, Europe and India markets. K FITLER is aiming to penetrate major markets in the Gulf and African countries, in addition to the existing Indian and other sub-continental markets
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